The Game of Life and How to Play It

The Game of Life and How to Play It

Chapter 1 – The Game

Classic book by Florence Scovel Shinn Read by Lemurian Girl

Now that we're full into the new year, 2014, likely you're hopeful and happy about this time of new beginnings. It's a chance to start over and work toward continuing to create a life that is fulfilling, peaceful, abundant and all around wonderful.

Many of you have heard of the movie “The Secret”, and many of you continue to gain wisdom and insights from the myriad of teachers featured in the film, such as Esther and Jerry Hicks and their “Abraham Hicks” franchise. This post is not to discount any of these teachers or teachings.

I feel that if particular methods or teachings create desired outcomes and results in your life as you rediscover your power and purpose as an Unlimited, Infinite Being of Love — Hallelujah, praise Jesus. That's most excellent and I congratulate you. Perhaps, however, you are open minded and are fascinated by the many ways to express Truth.

This book completely helped me to change my life into something good and beautiful at a time when it was unbearable and tragic.

The book isn't for everyone though. I've recommended it to a lot of people, and hardly anyone took it to heart the way I did. Maybe it's because I grew up attending Waldorf schools and studying many different types of spirituality, so maybe that's why this book was an easy read for me.

I also used to love reading children's books from England as a child growing up in the former English colony of Jamaica. Maybe my more unconventional background and sheltered childhood shaped me into a person with an ability to read many different styles of writing and still feel and take in the author's intention.

I actually purchased index cards and wrote down each one of my “problems” on one index card, flipped it over and wrote the proper Scovell Shinn intention on the other side. I used the “power of my spoken word” to create miracles.

Over the month of January, I'm going to read the book as part of my Real Revolutionaries podcast series. I stop and make commentary at some parts of the reading, I also re-read certain passages to make them gender equal.

I hope you enjoy, let me know if you find any resonance or have any success stories of your own with this book.

Someone besides me read this book into an audio book! You may like her voice better than mine, so I thought I'd provide a second option.


Lemurian Girl


  1. I love how you observe that your “unconventional” upbringing allowed you to be open to this. I often have found that I am a stranger in my own land/home when it comes to my openness about spiritual and other matters. Will respond again after the reading. Thank you for this gift!

  2. Thank you Lemurian Girl ; )  I appreciate your pauses to allow space to receive and reflect. I especially am greatfull for the part about fear… “fear is faith in evil instead of good” 

  3. It’s always really great to hear your voice, Zhen! I will be a regular reader of your blog and listener of your podcasts, as always, faithfully yours :) Love and Light. I need a little time to listen and ponder the words here and then consider how they could possibly help me with my own personal struggles. Thanks for sharing.

  4. gschwamAw G-dawg!!! Thanks, your support means so much to me and will be my inspiration to continue. Love and *hugs* girl xoxo <3

  5. Zhenya, I love the book as much as you do. What Florence wrote so long ago is in perfect alignment with my own discoveries and with so many other great books written almost a century after hers. Focus on the end result and let the universe figure out how to bring it to you. Thanks for making it so easy for everyone to “read” and understand this book. Love, Verena

  6. Love it, love it, love it!  I read this book based on your recommendation years ago, and it still sits on my bookshelf and is referenced from time to time.  It takes something seemingly complicated (life) and lays it out in all of its bare simplicity.  The book has helped me tremendously in my life, and I recommend it to everyone. Additionally, I enjoy your audio rendition in particular.

  7. Thank you Zhenya.
    I feel like you are a bright like which is very easy to follow in these challenging times.
    Thank you for taking the time to create such great tool of support for your sisters and friends.
    Listening to you read these words is a blessing and a healing at the same time!
    Love you bunches!

  8. this made e think of one time i wanted a beautiful crystal for $1,000.00 i prayed for it in the store and the following day received an unexpected check for that amount. i feared spending it on the crystal and saved it. 2 days later i was informed that i was not going to receive $3,000,00 in expected income and i was devastated and felt abandoned by the spirit. i wonder if not using the money to buy the crystal might have created the contraction of abundance?

  9. Zhenya, what a gift you are bringing to the community of humanity!  I am familiar with FSS and have known for awhile that I’ve wanted to dive into her wisdom. Thank you for making this so accessible and alive by expressing your passion for her words!  And thank you for your commitment to truth!

  10. @fmcdonough According to Florence, I’d say you were right on the money about that! Your fear impressed your subconscious with lack… Likely you supressed your fear down into your body and subconscious (not acknowledging it but still holding on to it on some level). The good news is, now you know you are the creator so you can go the other way next time. Love

  11. Likewise to you @EARTH1975! I would love to share your month of symbols being shared on FB here, would that be ok with you? I’m glad you’re getting a chance to listen to her now, she lays out it, like @templespirit said, in all it’s “bare simplicity”. That’s what I love about her book so much :)

  12. B’dette! It’s true, we are in challenging times… we’re all being asked to step up to the plate and raise our frequency of loving all, like the One Love that created us. Aho <3

  13. This provided the perfect peace for me at the end of the day!  What a treat! I got to hear your lovely voice, listen to Flo flow her great wisdom and reactivate the feeling place of my deepest desires AND, . . . 

    I love your commentary and Divine feminine inclusion- brilliant idea! The revised affirmations felt different in my body compared to the traditional patriarchal originals… very interesting ;)

    You got a new congregation member, Honey!  Keep em coming! 
    Peace and Blessings to You!


  14. This chapter,sparked for me, a direct correlation of thoughts and manifestation. I realized today how I manifested a very unlikely scenario out of fear and anxiousness. I very rarely drive alone with my 7 week old baby but today I had an appointment about 40 mins away. I was nervous to make the trip by myself because when my newborn is in the car he sometimes has crying fits that, as a new mother, are totally unnerving. On our drive, we first encountered a “wide load” semi taking up two lanes and going 15 miles under the spend limit, greatly slowing out progress. Baby began to fuss. This escalated to stop and go traffic and eventually we came to a complete – for a solid 10 minutes. Baby lost it and was completely inconsolable. I thought, as it was happening, what is the likelihood?? I’ve made this exact drive several times with no delay and yet the one time I begin the drive with trepidation my fears are realized. Our minds are so powerful and our realities so malleable! What an amazing lesson!

  15. I look forward to listening to all the chapters Zhenya!  Just downloaded the podcasts and subscribed.  :)

  16. Mahalo Zhenya!  I can’t wait to get started on this!  Love you are living in your power! In the Light, Mona

  17. Profound!! I took so many notes and felt full of life while listening to this awesome first chapter. Thank you for recommending this great book Zhenya!!

  18. In each chapter she is reminding us of our resistence to life by focusing on the negatives. I like the part when she says focus on what we want instead of what we don’t want. Which means to me focus on what every human being wants – love. One of my teachers from wholistic cardiology says when a person has a heart attack, she asks two questions, what did you eat and with whom did you argue?
    Forgiveness to ourselves and others.
    Thank you for these readings!

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