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Chapter 2 – The Law of Prosperity

Is there really natural law that governs prosperity? Listen and put the knowledge into practice to find out.

Chapter 2 – The Law of Prosperity

The Game of Life and How to Play It Audio Recording by Lemurian Girl (includes commentary and modifications for gender equality)

Are you content to go through life as a victim, or helpless person, subject to every whim of the outside world? Or will you become as solid and grounded as a rock, able to design and build your life to your preference? Learn the law, follow it, and you shall prosper.

Here are some highlights from this chapter ~ but please listen and read it in it's completion.

Quotes from Chapter 2 ~ The Law of Prosperity

“She (or he, if you are a guy reading this) must have perfect faith in her (or his) own spoken word.”

“…words and thoughts are a tremendous vibratory force.”

“There is a Supply for Every Demand.”

“Act your Perfect Faith. Act as if You Have Already Received”

“If one asks for success and prepares for failure…” what do you think will happen?

Start with the end in mind. Dig your ditches. Be undisturbed by appearances.

One with God is a Majority.

Be on the alert for adverse thoughts that surge from the subconscious ~ the “Army of Aliens”, doubts, fears, worries. The reason it is darkest before dawn. Make your affirmations of truth repeatedly.

Hold on to your vision and give thanks that you have already received (even before you see it). But remember, it is much easier to demonstrate for someone else than for oneself because the friend is outside of the situation. Thus, we as comrades, can help one another to be successful in applying spiritual law when we are having difficulty staying steady in our vision ourselves.

Have you ever applied the Law of Prosperity in your life before? What were the results? I'd love to know, so please share!


Lemurian Girl

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  1. Last night I saw an extraordinary dream where I am in a line to purchase some food.  When it is my turn to pay, the cash register is facing my direction and the drawer opens toward me!  I tell the cashier that this is a problem and she turns around the register. ****  I knew when I woke up that Psyche had just given me a potent image of how I block my own abundance. Thank you for sharing this ebook.  I really liked that this chapter said that it comes THROUGH one, not “TO” one. This is quite a shift in perspective.

  2. bancharaAhhhh thank you for your deep reflections and deep listening! <3 Expands xo

  3. @banchara – isn’t that so profound when we witness ourselves like that? I’m having more experiences like that – where I notice the message being given. Keep on rockin’ in a free world sistah!

  4. I love the idea of calling our reasoning mind “the tempter”. I often find myself questioning “buying the blankets” like the woman awaiting her apartment. It is so true that our reasoning mind limits our potential in this human experience because it makes us doubt our god self. So here’s to buying the blankets! It feels so free and exciting. Especially when compared to the anxiety and doubt felt when we are tempted into fear by our reasoning mind.

  5. Thank you Zhenya. Listening to these podcasts are a beautiful reminder of how the Universe works. And, I’m grateful to be reminded of the rules ; )

  6. “do not hesitate to ask for help”     ah ; )

    give thanks for this reminder..  Loving the resonance of this book, and getting to hear it as well. 
    Greatfull for this gift, sister <3


  7. I am holding to the vision and giving thanks that it is perfect and complete.  Wonderful to listen to your reading right before bed.  Sweet Dreams.

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