Release Technique

Lester Levenson

The Abundance Course by Larry Crane is a home-study course that teaches the Method of Releasing developed by the American Spiritual Master Lester Levenson.  Releasing is a systematic, step-by-step process of letting go of mental and emotional negativity so that one can cultivate and maintain a quiet mind, e.g. peaceful state from which it becomes much easier to deal with things of the world in a smart, loving way. Learn more about releasing @

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Originally developed by Lester Levenson, a physicist who, with less than 30 days to live, saved his own life by releasing his non-loving feelings and replacing them with loving feelings.  It sounds simple, and it is – as Lester liked to say: “K.I.S.S” = Keep It Simple, Sweetheart.

I made a little video and am offering a *free* eBook filled with testimonials about this remarkable method developed by Lester called the Release Technique.

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The reason more of us don't do this every day and experience this permanent state of “Happiness with no sorrow” has to do with the habit of listening to our mind chatter and identifying with our emotions.  We actually think we are our feelings.  The other habit that keeps us in a perpetual state of wanting (if you look up “want” in the dictionary, it's actually a negative word) is holding on to the feelings – in essence suppressing them – rather than simply allowing them to pass through our body and mind – letting them go.

The Abundance Course peels back the hood of the workings of human nature and habits and gives you a deep, penetrating glance into the Science of Your Mind.  It's a truly remarkable journey, one you will certainly enjoy and prosper from. It is the true journey Home.

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