the power of the spoken word

Chapter 3 – The Power of the Word

Are words really all that powerful? Find out in this chapter, which I would love to rename “The Law of the Spoken Word.” Learn it and start watching your “idle words”.

Chapter 3 – The Power of the Word

The Game of Life and How to Play It Audio Recording by Lemurian Girl (includes commentary and modifications for gender equality) – Intro & Outro music from song “Permanent Holiday” by – Mahalo, Mike!

the power of the spoken wordMoving into Chapter 3 of The Game of Life and How to Play It, Ms. Shinn continues to break it down to the basics of what she calls Spiritual Law. You've all heard something about the Law of Attraction by now, and some of you have even dabbled in conscious manifestation.

Sometimes it isn't easy to keep the magic up consistently though, because we get sucked into this drama or that drama in life. Or worse, we get to a point where creation becomes easy and then we stop being aligned with God/dess in everything we do.

“If one is willing to do a thing he is afraid to do, he does not have to do it.”

“The invisible forces are ever working to fulfill your requests”

“Let's talk about what we do want and not what we don't want.”

“The body may be renewed and transformed through the spoken word and clear vision, and disease be completely wiped out of the consciousness.”

“As the Within, So the Without”

“Bless them that Persecute You”

Feel free to rewind and re-listen to things more than once – there is a lot of truth here and the tempo of the Podcast may be going faster than your own inner process. All you need to do is Pause and Rewind it until it sinks in.

What I love about the message in this Chapter is that it brings each one of us back into control what we have dominion over – our own mind. What's stewing in there, and what are words are betraying a state of mind that perpetuates a feeling of dis-ease within … and in this chapter we learn the vibration of our words through our vocal chords travels into the outer world as well as the inner.

Thanks for your patience with my “Newbie-ness” in doing audio recordings. They'll keep improving!

Much Love Sweeties ~ and Let me know how it goes with understanding that “Life and Death are in the Tongue.” I think it was Jesus who said that.

As always, your comments are welcomed – am enjoying the conversation with each of you. *Hugs & Kisses*


Lemurian Girl


  1. Love the music at the end! Inspired by the opportunity to feel completely empowered & 100% responsible for creating my reality! So easy in the moment to blame the Other…or to be affected by the Other. And, then I ask myself, “What Other?” 

    Aren’t we all connected in this universe? As Ho’oponopono healing invites me to heal my inner world so my reality is healed; then if I continue to do my part to be clear, honest, truthful, a ripple will go out into the universe for all beings to feel the waves of clarity, honesty and truth.

    Thank you for inspiring my vision to be clear, honest, true and JOYful, grateful, child-like & free!!!

  2. Thanks for the side note, Zhenya – to take it as ‘checking’, rather than as fact off the bat.  I appreciate that!  

    I love this chapter.  So many good reminders, like what we wish for others we receive ourselves – beautiful reminder that we are all truly One.  Simple law of attraction, as well.  You can’t be focusing ill-will upon another and not activate the vibration in yourself.  That same vibration becomes your point of attraction.  

    Much love Z

  3. Love the irie vibes – is it called permanent holiday  (written) or vacation (audio)? 

    Feeling greatfull for all the gems I receive, and these really stuck out:

    “good will produces a great aura of protection” > this is a great intention of service
    “first of all, wipeout all fear, God protects your interests” > I Love this reminder!!!
    “who’s the matter with you” > yes!!! 
    Sister, thank you for reading the power of the word and sharing and caring ; )

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