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Chapter 4 – The Law of Non-Resistance

To Resist or to Let Go?

Read from Florence Scovel Shinn's The Game of Life & How to Play It

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Here is your next episode, Chapter 4 – The Law of Non-Resistance, from The Game of Life and How to Play It, as read by your cheerful host, LemurianGirl.

Before reading and listening to The Law of Non-Resistance, let's talk about what Resistance is. You know what it is instinctively… if you imagine yourself holding your arm out and a friend standing across from you holding her arm out pushing her hand against yours, you know that as long as you're about the same strength, it's a stalemate if you're both pushing against each other. That's resistance. If one of you stops resisting, the other falls forward, demonstrating the power of letting go, a.k.a. non-resistance.

Here are some other character traits of Resistance, to help you discriminate when your Mind / Ego starts toying with you. These were developed by Lester Levenson, of the Release Technique.

  1. Resistance is a major block to releasing.
  2. Effort is the Energy Required to Overcome Resistance (I suggest you find a powerful self-realization method to help you do this)
  3. The want to be Imperturbable, at Peace, In Beingness, Happiness with No Sorrow, allows us to overcome resistance.
  4. Resistance is opposition to force real or imagined.
  5. Wanting to control the other person, who you think is trying to control you, you can only experience their pushing you, you can only experience your own resistance.
  6. The “I can't” is resistance, it takes a conscious effort to overcome the unconscious effort (habit) of holding down the feelings.
  7. Resistance is just another program we have programmed to protect all the other programs that we programmed.
  8. If there were no resistance, one would become liberated. We are constantly having to release the resistance in order to let the feelings up and out.
  9. Resistance is when you haven't decided yet whether to do the thing or not, and you're doing it anyway, and it's difficult. To make it easy to do, all you need to do is decide to do it, or decide to not do it, and don't do it.
  10. Resistance is pushing against the world so it will push back.

LemurianGirl recommends you witness your self and notice the resistance, usually it is apparent as a clutching or contraction in your stomach or chest area in response to certain emotions or thoughts.

Please submit your comments about Resistance and Non-Resistance below, I appreciate all your shares!


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  1. Needed to here this podcast tonight. Outwardly I hear myself speak positively the majority of the time. And, this podcast has me looking inwardly more and realizing how I can forget to be kind in my thoughts (mostly to myself), especially when people closest to me are in resistance. I can make their resistance about me. When in reality, their resistance is their resistance! It’s about them. And, visa versa, when I’m in resistance with someone, it’s really about me. I’m stuck and I need to love myself better. Someone told me once, we either need love or we are in a loving state already. So, if there’s resistance coming from me or the other person, than I can simply think I’m going to love him or her the best way I can. And, this reminder will come in big handy when my habitual reaction can sometimes be, Resist! Attack! Protect! Must be Right! They are Wrong! Ahhhh!!!!
    So, thank you Lemurian Girl for illuminating this path for me. Resistance is one of my greatest teachers : )

  2. Haha, “I have a wonderful business in a wonderful way, and I give wonderful service for wonderful pay” is written all over my house and my car, and it is my favorite affirmation of all times. Once I started using it (the beginning of this year), I had one editing job after another (including the wonderful pay) come in. Love how this works. Of course it only works because I already FEEL wonderful about what I do and about the feedback, respect and payments I receive for my work. Remember, first remove the blocks, then follow up with the affirmations that actually match your beliefs.

  3. my favorite part is when someone asks for a treatment to change another person. she refuses and says she will only give treatment to change YOU. when you change, others change.  

    i’m ever-changing.  and my experiences with others are getting better, all the time.


  4. this is so awesome!! have just been thinking about how much mi thoughts affect mi baby girl. 
    giving thanks for constant inspiration to be ever present with mi thoughts and feelings. 

    and  yes I! am gettin mi baptizing on!! haha Love it


  5. Mmm so many powerful points in this chapter – from calling into your life what you are running from to making sure you don’t over work a situation and interfere with divine unfoldings. I had a perfect testament of nonresistance this week. I’m readying to go on vacation and I didn’t have as much spending money as I had hoped. I remained unconcerned and knew that something would come up to remedy this. Last Saturday a friend of a friend called and asked if I wanted to do a huge catering gig – and she would pay in advance :) why thank you universe. Excellent work for excellent pay.

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