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Sometimes fellow men and women act out of integrity

It's unfortunate when you run into men and / or women who act out of integrity. Many of us have had to deal with this kind of betrayal in our lives.

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Take care of your spiritual body too, not just your property, equity and commercial vessel.

Back in the day, trust and honor were much more prevalent in society, and people took the fact that their word is bond seriously. A handshake was just as good as a wet ink signed contract. In my mind, it still is, if not more so, but it has become a widespread practice or belief in society, at least in the United States, that one can go back on their word without repercussions. It's difficult for the administrative courts to “adjudicate” agreements and contracts where there is no bilateral wet ink signed contract.

Is there a solution for this? Yes, if you know what jurisdictions of law exist, and which one you are operating under. Did you know you have a choice? Indeed. For most people in the world, you operate under jurisdictions by your own consent.

The problem is, you've been trained to be ignorant of law and jurisdictions, especially natural law, and so you most times silently acquiesce or voluntarily give your consent to operate under a jurisdictions which does not benefit you.

Is it time to take back your power yet? If so, I recommend participating in a knowledge share with a man and woman who can provide you with the information that could set you free in at least one sense of the word. I participated twice and don't regret a second of it. Take back your power today and sign up for their free webinar.

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