Perusing Gideon’s Holy Bible

What with all the craziness in the world these days, I finally feel like reading the Bible. Others have suggested it but up until now I didn't necessarily have a natural inclination. Now I do.

It started with a desire to learn more than the one psalm I knew by heart… Psalm 23, I believe it is. The Lord is my shepherd…

So I started to memorize Psalm 91… And I really struggled with it, normally memorization comes easy for me, but anyway, I kept going and as I did the words began to sink in deeper and deeper into my psyche. It's really quite comforting to read the psalm, but it's something else entirely, or an entirely different level of profound experience in memorizing and orating the psalm out loud. I like the Gideon's Bible, the words they use roll off my tongue most easily, they're very poetic.

I'm feeling like making some recordings so that those who resonate with the sound of my voice can listen to them and perhaps they may aid in your own memorization efforts.

Stay real and natural out there, til next time!

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