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Fixed Signs in Astrology

The “fixed signs” in astrology are: Leo – Scorpio – Aquarius – Taurus.

Ever wondered how that plays out? Have you ever known someone who was so unbelievably stubborn in some way? Like no matter how much evidence they are presented with, they will not change their mind for anything? Or how much disapproval or coddling they receive from others still they will not change their behavior? šŸ™‹

I certainly have.

This dumb beech I keep getting into it with on FB*. Stuck in her ways to the point of ridiculousness. Being too fixed can apparently make you blind and/or unable to easily make changes or adapt. Even when doing so is well substantiated.

Hence the inspiration for this post. I was pondering these very questions yesterday, today they were somewhat answered in my conversation with a very knowledgeable “scientific mystic” astrologer, Alisha Mishell. She explained the idea of how the horoscope wheel is compelled to turn. Fixed signs in astrology being a part of that cosmic formula, along with Cardinal initiating and and Mutable transitioning, as it were. Fixed signs are the resistance point, the holding point that allow the seasons to “set”, and then comes the transition into the new season.

For example, end of July most of August is the month of Leo's, which, if you think about it, is the high point of summer – the pinnacle of summer. Next in the zodiac wheel comes Virgo, end of August, most of September.

(The thought came to me that perhaps humankind has not yet found a perpetual motion machine, but the cosmos certainly have.)

Divided up into four quarters, each quarter holding three houses, a wheel that spins of its own accord, e.g. by its own internal dynamics.

This wheel represents the passage of time, the turning of the seasons here on planet Earth. Spring turns to summer, summer turns to fall, fall turns to Winter, and the cycle continues.

So fixed signs might be annoying AF sometimes (to themselves as well at times lol), but they do serve a divine purpose! I have a fixed Sun sign and Rising sign, so I know! It takes one to know one.

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