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Lemurian Girl Returns
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Midnite roots reggae is soothing balm for my chapped soul

I have this desire to spend my days making my life living art - tending my gardens, making my home more comfortable, supportive and inspiring, learning philosophy, theosophy, spirituality, macrobiotic and holistic, healthy cooking & baking, playing and laughing with my children and sacred partner, finally surfing (in warm water mind you :-) I am a wuss when it comes to cold water and I admit it). My fantasy unravels out before me like a dream that is delicious and painful all at once. There is a change in the air and the cries of the suffering are heard by our Creator. So many wise men and women say. There is a day coming when we will build and occupy our own home, grow the food for our families, when weapons of war will be converted into tools to till the fields.