Midnite roots reggae is soothing balm for my chapped soul

Yes, we are living in “critical times hard to deal with” and I am quite a sensitive soul that finds myself yearning for peace on earth, and for home.   The real HOME and you who know, know whutta mean. 

I have this desire to spend my days making my life living art – tending my gardens, making my home more comfortable, supportive and inspiring, learning philosophy, theosophy, spirituality, macrobiotic and holistic, healthy cooking & baking, playing and laughing with my children and sacred partner, finally surfing (in warm water mind you :-) I am a wuss when it comes to cold water and I admit it).  My fantasy unravels out before me like a dream that is delicious and painful all at once.  There is a change in the air and the cries of the suffering are heard by our Creator.  So many wise men and women say.  There is a day coming when we will build and occupy our own home, grow the food for our families, when weapons of war will be converted into tools to till the fields.

Until then, I have hope in the form of music…sweet reggae music.  My favorite band currently is from St. Croix – “Midnite“.  Do yourself a favor and listen and learn.  Vaughn is like a clear bell channelling Bible teach and common sense all mixed in with a delicious blend of beats and hooks.  He is also stately and kinglike in appearance.  He reminds me of a wise ancient who has had the wisdom to maintain his memory through many lifetimes.  His smile is quite endearing.  Ok fine I admit it – I have a mean crush on the guy.

My favorite song currently is called “Royal Habits”.  It talks about individuals remembering their royal lineage, and how to carry this forth by staying clean and pure – in our hearts, minds and yes! homes.  “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”.

Play it on my ipod, play it as I drive home from work, play it when I am too tired to move after giving myself to my job all day at work…my soul is reminded of who I am and what I am doing and why.  Better, I am re-filled with the vitality and purpose to carry out my plan and strategy.  Or as Jamai sang back in the 90's “keep your eye on the prize and don't you compromise”.

Full Moon in Capricorn – July 18th, 2008

– Raise up your shades and look at the sky! The moon is full and bright and high…It has a distinct blue ring, a bluish tone, she speaks to you if you can listen under the drone.  Her loving friend Venus hovers nearby…or is that Mars, making her cry?

Dear Friends,
Full Moon is Friday July 18 at 1:59AM Mountain Daylight Time (the night of the 17/18). In the sign of Capricorn…According to numerous spiritual teachers, this is an incredibly potent time to focus spiritually on where your life is going and to harness the potential for drawing yourself up to a higher level of functioning. Use this time to anchor your newly adjusted agendas, relationships, partnerships, plans, dreams, schedules, projects, routines and practices. Look at what still needs tweaking;  correct and adjust accordingly. Be disciplined and ruthless about keeping extras off your plate and pruning the dead wood. Be satisfied with what you have that is really working, and the higher quality of life and balance now available to you. Honor and appreciate the support you have that comes unconditionally and from spirit. Be careful not to take anything personally as there is lots and lots of projection and drama going on right now. Stay on your own straight path, practice good boundaries physically and energetically, and do the work you need to do. The rewards will be amazing.

Or as Beautiful roots reggae singer Dezarie sings, “Strengthen your mind, we're living in serious times”.

She sings in the ancient voice that I recognize so deeply in my soul.  Goddess…true manifestation of the Empress energy.  She is an inspiration to me.  She helps me to remember the journey I am on and why.