Enhance Your Day w/ this Lovely Opera Playlist!

Hello friends,

I am inspired by the romance, beauty and emotional depth of opera music. The beauty and quality of the classics is as of yet unsurpassed. History and ancient times alike fascinate me. It's fuel for the imagination, do you agree?

An Opera Playlist for the Soul

I know it's been a while since you've heard from yours truly. And here I am popping back in like nothing ever happened to share my Opera playlist from my fledgling YouTube  channel with you. And if you'd like an update, read the rest of the page.

Can Opera Music Heal the Soul?

My theory says “yes” if your auditory perception has not been polluted by formulaic popular music…or you are just an old soul in a new(er) body who simply recognize pure beauty. Well, don't go on just go on staring at the page, click the opera playlist link above and have a listen! Close your eyes and let your soul soar!

opera playlist
Someday I would love to visit the Sydney Opera House

Beyond Sharing the Occasional Opera Playlist, What's Next for LG?

For those of you wondering about the future of Lemurian Girl Returns, it is my intention to start a new chapter … slowly but surely. As you can imagine – I have, like many of us, been through a ridiculous amount of “stuff” in the past few years. Putting it lightly, for now. I suppose some positive, happy-go-lucky people would euphemize the struggle (there I said it!) with some glitzy buzzword like – oh, it was (and is) an opportunity for “transformation”. Well, what if I had no desire to transform? What then, Universe? I used to be one of those positive people… and it worked just great. So why did I …and do I …have to transform?

To be perfectly honest, I feel like I liked myself better before… and I'll bet a lot of my former “friends” would probably agree – they liked the old me better too. I was one of those positive, upbeat people. Bordering on a free-spirited hippie… and dare I say it, gulp, a liberal (for all intents and purposes). Now I just want to smack people like that. Seriously. I'm being real. Sometimes I feel like I don't even know who “I” am anymore. By the same token, I have learned volumes… many topics and subjects… business, astrology, politics, parenting, self-realization, relationships, personal growth, work and career… “life”.

Time to Consciously Rebuild New Life from Ashes

Still fresh, these lessons though. While knowledge has most likely increased, I do not necessarily feel these experiences and exposure to fields of knowledge have fully settled into my soul as complete wisdom attained… yet anyway. Did I mention I was in graduate school? Yah, it ended 18 months ago, but I don't think I've fully recovered from the experience. That partially explains my crash and burn. The other explanation that resonated has to do with the divine timing of cosmic movements and their influence on a personal and planetary level (a.k.a astrology).

I learned, for example, my Rising (Ascendant) in the sign of the Scorpio is more characteristic of my personality and the way I interact and process the external world. I did always wonder why the “Leo” horoscope in the newspaper never seemed to really apply to my personality or life in the least – now I know why. Yes, my Sun is in the sign of Leo, but it is at a late degree (29°65′) in the 10th house, also known as being “on the cusp” of Virgo in the 11th house.  Most horoscopes are written as if the Sun sign is in the 1st house of the natal chart. Now you know why your horoscope might not feel relevant to your life – try reading for your rising sign instead.

Like a Phoenix…

Back to Scorpio… my, my, my, my. What can I say about Scorpio? Depth and complexity is only the beginning. Also Rebirth, Transformation, the Occult, the Taboo, and Sex (ugh, my prudish Venus in Virgo loathes to even type the word “sex” but it also demands I be complete)… anyway, all fall within the reign of Scorpio. Scorpio in it's lowest vibration is the scorpion, yes. She doesn't want to fight, but back her into a corner and she will sting the sh*t out of you. As the scorpion lives (and dies), she (or he) has the “opportunity” for ascension. There are at least three (some say 7) phases of this path… from the scorpion, to the eagle to the phoenix. If you have Scorpio in your chart or know a Scorpio you would like to understand better, you can read more about these phases here: http://scorpioland.org/phoenix-complex-surviving-scorpios-death-instinct/

Sorry to end abruptly, but I gotta run for now. Ttyl!

Midnite roots reggae is soothing balm for my chapped soul

Yes, we are living in “critical times hard to deal with” and I am quite a sensitive soul that finds myself yearning for peace on earth, and for home.   The real HOME and you who know, know whutta mean. 

I have this desire to spend my days making my life living art – tending my gardens, making my home more comfortable, supportive and inspiring, learning philosophy, theosophy, spirituality, macrobiotic and holistic, healthy cooking & baking, playing and laughing with my children and sacred partner, finally surfing (in warm water mind you :-) I am a wuss when it comes to cold water and I admit it).  My fantasy unravels out before me like a dream that is delicious and painful all at once.  There is a change in the air and the cries of the suffering are heard by our Creator.  So many wise men and women say.  There is a day coming when we will build and occupy our own home, grow the food for our families, when weapons of war will be converted into tools to till the fields.

Until then, I have hope in the form of music…sweet reggae music.  My favorite band currently is from St. Croix – “Midnite“.  Do yourself a favor and listen and learn.  Vaughn is like a clear bell channelling Bible teach and common sense all mixed in with a delicious blend of beats and hooks.  He is also stately and kinglike in appearance.  He reminds me of a wise ancient who has had the wisdom to maintain his memory through many lifetimes.  His smile is quite endearing.  Ok fine I admit it – I have a mean crush on the guy.

My favorite song currently is called “Royal Habits”.  It talks about individuals remembering their royal lineage, and how to carry this forth by staying clean and pure – in our hearts, minds and yes! homes.  “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”.

Play it on my ipod, play it as I drive home from work, play it when I am too tired to move after giving myself to my job all day at work…my soul is reminded of who I am and what I am doing and why.  Better, I am re-filled with the vitality and purpose to carry out my plan and strategy.  Or as Jamai sang back in the 90's “keep your eye on the prize and don't you compromise”.

Amazing Fun Night on the Town – downtown Santa Barbara

My son is away on a fantastic Alaskan summer adventure.  Meanwhile, I'm in Santa Barbara enjoying some down time.  It was hard for about a day being without my little buddy…but then I got busy making progress with my “backlog”.  I guess that includes my social backlog.  Meaning, I don't get out that much when he's with me, so I've now had a chance to go out at night.  I intended to not overdo it, but it seems the Universe has timed me to be downtown Santa Barbara a couple of times.

Tuesday night I had dinner at Holdren's on State Street with my four lovely co-workers (NHR's marketing department is comprised 100% of foxy ladies – and 1 male VP).  I had the Seafood plate – Maine lobster, oysters, salmon and calimari.  That was delish.  I enjoyed a Sidecar drink and then 2 Peach mojitos.  Nice…

Then last night (Thursday) we went down to Camarillo to the outlets shops to allow our EMEA manager to get some shoes with her strong Euro buying power.  Afterwards we met at Joe's Cafe and I ran into my soul brother who I hadn't seen in some time.  He told me to meet him at EOS in 20 minutes.  My co-worker and I went on to O'Mallys, stopped in at the Brick Cafe for some late night dinner (french fries, pear salad and a glass of merlot) and some 1/2 funny 1/2 appallingly vile comedy.  Cruised on over to EOS and had the “Dax” at my bro's recommendation.  That is one clean way to get a buzz, I'll say that.

The ladies wanted to check Tonic and I wanted to stay longer at EOS so we split up.  I had a great time dancing and socializing, and then at last call we said our good-byes and L drove me home in his biodiesel Mercedes – sweet, clean machine – listening to the Black Keys, another excellent punkish/ska-ish/soul-ish band, and then Muddy Waters…sooooo sweet!  It was beautiful.  The heat lightening was going off as he drove me up my driveway.  We had a beautiful heart felt discussion about life and said our good-nights.

Thank you!

Staind’s New Song/Video “Believe” is Haunting in a good way…

I've played the video over about 10 times now, it sounds like Staind, but it's also a new one and it touches my soul and let's me grieve and gives me hope at the same time.

Thanks Boys! You still got it! Still haven't lost their heart and soul to Showbiz. Aaron is the real deal. What a beautiful brother.

Full Moon in Capricorn – July 18th, 2008

– Raise up your shades and look at the sky! The moon is full and bright and high…It has a distinct blue ring, a bluish tone, she speaks to you if you can listen under the drone.  Her loving friend Venus hovers nearby…or is that Mars, making her cry?

Dear Friends,
Full Moon is Friday July 18 at 1:59AM Mountain Daylight Time (the night of the 17/18). In the sign of Capricorn…According to numerous spiritual teachers, this is an incredibly potent time to focus spiritually on where your life is going and to harness the potential for drawing yourself up to a higher level of functioning. Use this time to anchor your newly adjusted agendas, relationships, partnerships, plans, dreams, schedules, projects, routines and practices. Look at what still needs tweaking;  correct and adjust accordingly. Be disciplined and ruthless about keeping extras off your plate and pruning the dead wood. Be satisfied with what you have that is really working, and the higher quality of life and balance now available to you. Honor and appreciate the support you have that comes unconditionally and from spirit. Be careful not to take anything personally as there is lots and lots of projection and drama going on right now. Stay on your own straight path, practice good boundaries physically and energetically, and do the work you need to do. The rewards will be amazing.

Or as Beautiful roots reggae singer Dezarie sings, “Strengthen your mind, we're living in serious times”.

She sings in the ancient voice that I recognize so deeply in my soul.  Goddess…true manifestation of the Empress energy.  She is an inspiration to me.  She helps me to remember the journey I am on and why.