Midnite roots reggae is soothing balm for my chapped soul

Yes, we are living in “critical times hard to deal with” and I am quite a sensitive soul that finds myself yearning for peace on earth, and for home.   The real HOME and you who know, know whutta mean. 

I have this desire to spend my days making my life living art – tending my gardens, making my home more comfortable, supportive and inspiring, learning philosophy, theosophy, spirituality, macrobiotic and holistic, healthy cooking & baking, playing and laughing with my children and sacred partner, finally surfing (in warm water mind you :-) I am a wuss when it comes to cold water and I admit it).  My fantasy unravels out before me like a dream that is delicious and painful all at once.  There is a change in the air and the cries of the suffering are heard by our Creator.  So many wise men and women say.  There is a day coming when we will build and occupy our own home, grow the food for our families, when weapons of war will be converted into tools to till the fields.

Until then, I have hope in the form of music…sweet reggae music.  My favorite band currently is from St. Croix – “Midnite“.  Do yourself a favor and listen and learn.  Vaughn is like a clear bell channelling Bible teach and common sense all mixed in with a delicious blend of beats and hooks.  He is also stately and kinglike in appearance.  He reminds me of a wise ancient who has had the wisdom to maintain his memory through many lifetimes.  His smile is quite endearing.  Ok fine I admit it – I have a mean crush on the guy.

My favorite song currently is called “Royal Habits”.  It talks about individuals remembering their royal lineage, and how to carry this forth by staying clean and pure – in our hearts, minds and yes! homes.  “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”.

Play it on my ipod, play it as I drive home from work, play it when I am too tired to move after giving myself to my job all day at work…my soul is reminded of who I am and what I am doing and why.  Better, I am re-filled with the vitality and purpose to carry out my plan and strategy.  Or as Jamai sang back in the 90's “keep your eye on the prize and don't you compromise”.

Staind’s New Song/Video “Believe” is Haunting in a good way…

I've played the video over about 10 times now, it sounds like Staind, but it's also a new one and it touches my soul and let's me grieve and gives me hope at the same time.

Thanks Boys! You still got it! Still haven't lost their heart and soul to Showbiz. Aaron is the real deal. What a beautiful brother.

Boycotting “Lightning in a Bottle” was Fun!

I'm new to Santa Barbara, California, so no actually, I knew nothing about the “Lighting in a Bottle” event.  Apparently, as I was informed, this event is like a mini-Burning Man.  Haven't been to one of those events either.  I heard about the event since 2000, just haven't personally gone to one.  Anyway, lots of good music, dance, art and speakers.  You know, the conscious revolution with “green” and “eco” being at the forefront of all that buzz.

I was highly recommended to go to the ‘LiaB' event here in Santa Barbara this Memorial Day weekend…and then the recommendation was revoked.  I was told that some local DJs and lighting experts were going shun the LiaB event and throw their own music dance party out in the woods.  It seems that some of the local residents are pissed about the “money, money, money” attitude displayed by the organizers of the event. 

Okay, well politics aside, I had a super fun time.  I didn't believe for one second that I would have fun – in fact I wanted to back out of the whole committment I'd made to even attend the stinking party because it was cold and late and my son was already asleep. 

My friend was all invested with her boyfriend in doing the lighting and my car was needed to transport all the people that could no longer fit in her car because it was so stuffed with equipment.  I couldn't back out.  So now I'm driving up a long ass windy road to the top and over a Santa Barbara mountain/hill at 11:30 pm.

Feeling the Flow – seeing all the stars lined up – the moon rising over the mountain – getting high on some hydro, meeting and talking to shaun – feelign the sweet syrupy energy of physical attraction between us – feeling good about it…meeting and talking to P.K. who had overdosed 2 weeksearlier – born and raised in SB.  Starting the night off by twice shotgunning the reefer with a cute darling girl “Amy”, who also turned out to be a super fly dancer as well – incredible moves! Wow.

Let's just say it was terrific.  Thanks Taymar! ( www.PixleyFlix.com )