flying yoga positions first time

Flying Yoga with Alan Lowenshuss

What a fantastic day of yoga today!  At the end of two and half hours of rigorous yoga, taught by one of my favorite modern-day living yogis, Alan Lowenshuss of Yoga University in Naples, Florida at the Arthur Murray studio — I was led through some awesome Acro / Flying yoga.  Fun stuff, you should try it sometime :)


Yoga, Macrobiotics…and Shelling?

One day I'd like to experience a yoga retreat where the food served is of the highest macrobiotic quality.  And not just some lovely gourmet dishes and oh, they're macrobiotic.  The combination I'll be seeking will offer yoga for health and spiritual enlightenment, macrobiotics for cleansing and healing of my body. Continue reading →

Jeannine Parvati Baker- Yogini & Midwife R.I.P.

Speaking with a good friend and yoga partner today about her desire to conceive, I remembered Jeannine Parvati Baker, whose book Prenatal Yoga & Natural Childbirth I studied and practiced every day of my pregnancy with Dante.  She has such loving energy emanating from the pages of her book, an amazing source of love, nurturing and comfort during a very difficult phase in my life.

I did not know she had passed on December 1st, 2005 – at 11:11 am!  She was a master indeed.  For those of you elsewhere who wish to conceive, you may find her book Conscious Conception helpful as well.

Her web site is still up at .  She's a radiating Goddess. Check out/purchase her books on Amazon below :-)