Original thoughts

As I learn more about the fine art of blogging, I realize that my initial and current efforts probably appear quite amateur (see all posts below :)). So be it, how else will I learn? My intentions are good, I'm a sweetheart, what am I worried about? I guess it's the new thing that my innermost thoughts – my personal ramblings are available for even the most random passerby to glimpse into the photoalbum of my soul…actually, I definitely don't think I've gotten that far in terms of sharing myself online, however just the thought has made me a little nervous and skittish about this entire process.

No mind, I'm still convinced I'd like to share some of the electrical impulses blipping through my brain and organs (as the organs have intelligence as well). I'm starting to realize that what will make my blog worthy of reading has less to do with my awesome adventures (of which I have many) than with my unique perspective, thoughts and ideas about this crazy concoction of coalescing realities in which we live together.

My roomate and friend, Melissa Ferguson of Archer, Florida ( http://lavenderose.blogspot.com/ ) would often run for her pad and pen when I'd start going off on my grandiose ideas and loopy philosophies. “Bumper sticker!” she'd yell. I want to see that list, I know there were some good ones. Here's to you, lavenderose, my bloggie-blog-blog. A chronicle of my personal journey to divine.