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Hawaii GMO Justice Coalition Maui March ~ Constructive Critique

GMO Free Maui, Hawaii, Pacific Islands
coming out despite the drizzles…

1/1/2014 – Update ~ I was contacted by GMO Free Maui to make some corrections in this critique. I have made them.

Aloha ladies and gents,

This past Saturday, March 23rd, my friend and I met at the War Memorial in Kahului to join with other residents and patrons of Maui for removing GMOs from Hawaiian and American food / agriculture supplies.

I was not only pumped, I was prepared. I had not one but TWO signs I'd made with my friend the day before, which is a HUGE deal for me to actually show up that prepared.

So there I was, in my cute outfit, full of zest and vigor, ready to make my feelings about GMO and Monsanto known to the world. Even though my son was playing the second game of his basketball tournament, I took the time out to come down and show my support for GMO labeling… and GMO annihilation, to be quite blunt.

One of my signs read “Evict the Derelict” meaning, give Monsanto 30 days and then give them the boot.

Uh huh, that's what I said – we need to kick their asses to the CURB. Wouldn't that be cool, if we really did that?

I thought it was just great that Maui had a turnout of over 2,000 people (according to reports I've heard/read). I know my friend and I were only 2 people, but we represented our families and friends who could not be there… As she and I represented about 10 people combined, we calculated our presence as being 20% of our group.

Looking around and listening to all the drivers honking as they passed us by, my guesstimate is that this applied to the entire crowd. Meaning that if everyone that agrees with GMO labeling and / or the complete ban of GMOs was present, the number would have been more like 10,000+ people. The population on Maui is only approximately 110,000 people and about 30k less than that if you subtract the tourists. Dude, that's like over 10% of Maui residents say NO GMO.

Among the informed population, I'd bet anything those of us that protest GMOs make up the majority.

I have a lot to say on the subject but today I'm writing this post in hopes that the organizers of the event will take note.

Postcards from the Edge (or Should I Say END) of the Maui Ban GMOs March in March

Dear GMO Free Maui & Hawaii GMO Justice Coalition…

Thank you for organizing this march / peaceful protest of GMOs and Monsanto. I was stoked to see the major turnout of over 2,000 people. Somebody did something right to pull all that off, and I appreciate your efforts.

I also liked the vibes, people were friendly and positive… and the drums and singing up at the front of the line sounded cool when I could catch a note or two all the way in the way back of the line.

That being said, some MAJOR, MAJOR elements were sorely lacking:

+ Not enough facilitators evenly distributed throughout the procession. We got almost nothing in the way back. It was practically a silent march. Yawn. Boring as hell. I was trying to get some chants or songs going, but due to the lack of organization and people knowing what was up, nothing really stuck. The power of the voice and people singing in solidarity together is very, very powerful not only for strengthening the unity of the group, but for singing hope and a new vision into fruition.

+ I could not hear the prayer at the beginning… before the March started. Y'all needed to get a PA system together and make sure every single person there heard the prayer and got to be a part of it. Also, this was a prime opportunity to:

a.) inform us about the rules of peaceful protesting and

b.) teach us some simple chants like “Gotta Go, Monsanto” or “Pack Your Bags and Go, Monsanto” or whatever so during the 1.8 mile march we could carry forth with exuberance and energy… plus establish a bond of unity with each other.

I think obviously we would also get noticed by more people which leads to some of them being educated about what is really going on!!!

Basically, just a little more attention directed at follow up and facilitation ~ but otherwise, it was awesome especially because of the passion, and the turn-out!

I was so fired up over this that I recorded my first podcast ever this morning in response to the insanity. You can check it out by listening via the player below.  I'm still figuring out how to get my podcasts loaded into iTunes, but it is coming soon.  For now, the player works good!

How to Prepare Short-Grain Brown Rice – Ultra-Digestible & Delicious

Eating a macrobiotic diet, I consume a good amount of rice.  When I say rice, I do NOT mean the processed rice from a box (even if it's an “organic” brand), or even from those plastic bags of rice in the grocery store that look as if they've been imported from a third world country (no offense) and are about 1 million years old.

Nay, the rice to which I am referring is purchased from the bulk section of my local “health foods” or “natural foods” store.  I love the Golden Rose medium or short grain brown rice – it's delish.

If you prepare this rice in the way I'm about to describe, you will not only have a wholesome grain prepared for the adults and children in your group – babies at early eating age (6 or 7 months in most cases) can also enjoy rice prepared this way.  It's very digestible, smooth, creamy, and delicious! And oh yes, it's very simple!

Step by step, here we go. Continue reading →

It's all good – Macrobiotic Kale Recipe & Forgiveness

I admit that I can have a temper. I'm improving on the intensity and frequency with which I react though. Much, much better. But like us all, I still have my moments. That would be regarding the rant I left on the new moon (June 25th) about my neighbor tattle tailing on me. We've since made amends. She even said I could harvest and eat the kale she planted down in the garden below. Ok, now she's my best friend. Kale is the most direct way to my heart. For those of you not in the know, KALE, a garden green, is ultra nutritious containing even iron (something most women need more of). A macrobiotic diet trick I learned makes KALE irresistibly delicious. If you want to know how too, read on. It's super easy and super yummy.

Delicious Way to Eat Kale Greens

Organic Kale, Eden “Ume Plum Vinegar”, Organic olive oil, Eden “Gomasio with seaweed flakes” (optional)

  1. Buy or grow some fresh organic kale.
  2. Soak the leaves in clean water for 15 minutes to over an hour if you wish to get the parasites and other gritty stuff off the leaves
  3. Remove the kale leaves from the soaking bowl, rinse them again quickly with clean water (this is where a water filter by the sink comes in really handy).
  4. Put all the leaves in the same direction bunched together and lay them on your cutting board.
  5. Using a large sharp, non-serated knife, chop the kale greens. I start at the top of the leaves and work down toward the stems. I personally like the stems – they are rich in the vitamins, and I find them tasty when prepared along with the leaves. So I cut horizontally all the way down until the stems get gnarly – usually about the last inch or two – I compost the last of the ends.
  6. Once I've got all the kale in strips and have removed the gnarly stems from the cutting board, I make vertical cuts through the strips, effectively turning the kale into kinda sorta square pieces. But nothing near perfect. That's just the idea.
  7. Depending on how much kale I am cooking, I will fill the bottom of the pot (saucepans are great) with clean water up to about 1/4 inch. Then I put all the cut kale into the pot and add a little more water if I need to – just so the entire bottom of the pot is covered in water and the bottom kale greens are resting in the water.
  8. Put the lid on the pot and the pot on the stove and turn the heat to medium. Let the kale steam in the water for about 15 minutes – but watch it the first few times because your stove or conditions might be different. It's not unusual if I put too little water to catch the kale just before its burned (or not – oops), but ideally you'll have some green colored water and some cooked down kale leaves. DO NOT Overcook! It leaches all the vitamins out of your kale dinner and maybe kills enzymes / healthy critters.
  9. Maybe get a forkful of the steamed greens to taste them for tenderness. If its all good to you, it's time to fix the kale up to code here:
  10. Sprinkle the olive oil across the greens, then the ume vinegar splashed across the kale greens. Then, sprinkle the gomasio over the greens – YUMMY!! You never tasted kale like this ever.

Forgiveness is sweet and gets easier with practice ; )