Baby Lullaby ~ “Speed Bonnie Boat”

Beautiful Baby Lullaby – “Skye Bonnie Boat”

I learned this song as a young girl attending the “Dayspring Waldorf School” in Gainesville, Florida.  I don't remember who I heard singing it first – my mother, or perhaps another Waldorf teacher.  The melody stayed with me as one of the most hauntingly beautiful songs I can remember.  I didn't, however, have a knack for listening and learning exact lyrics. So for years, I sang the song to my baby son with made up lyrics (which changed every time I sang them) and the only 3 lines I could remember (highlighted in purple below).  Tonight my laptop happened to be handy as I was singing Dantz to sleep, so I typed in “speed bonnie boat” into Google, and behold!  The full set of lyrics… Continue reading →