Understanding America’s System of Money

Did you ever wonder how our financial system operates? Have you ever tried to make sense of all the things going on in the world? Learn how our Founding Fathers tried to protect the American people from centralized banks…Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin and many others who have tried to warn us about the scandal being played upon America the the world at large.

It's time to wake up children…Learn the facts about our financial system and the “Modern Money Mechanics” manual. Release the fear from you body and receive and generate love, compassion and understanding.

Zeitgeist – Original + Addendum Videos

Aloha Everyone,

This video is long [about 1.30 hr.] but well worth it.

It's the culmination of thoughts that may lead to the inevitable and much-needed new paradigm.

The present events in the USA and worldwide put it in an even more relevant and prescient light.

It’s about the Money Trail and the Power over the Consciousness Shift to get things changed in today’s world and leading to a new world order.

Just watching it and opening your consciousness is enough to open yourself to the light of consciousness.  This will join with others' consciousness collectively to create a wave of shift…hopefully up a notch to a higher level of compassion and love made manifest on our earth.  Choose Love over Fear…Social Justice Now.

Zeitgeist – Original Video
I am also including the link to the Original Zeitgeist if who have not viewed it already.


Zeitgeist – Addendum Video
Click on the link below and click on the video to the left.



Lemurian Girl