Life's a witch and then you fly

Hypocrites need to wake up…to learn to walk the talk…Who is a hypocrite? Well, most of us, to some degree or another.  Including myself, I even read an article that accused the Dalai Llama of being a hypocrite. So take this post with a grain of salt…I am kinda venting on specific types of hypocrites. Those ones that act like they are all new age-y “conscious” when they are truly as self-centered and spoiled as the rest of 'em.

Who could incur the wrath of Z? People that give my son an attitude he does NOT deserve.
Apparently she's been feeling annoyed by my son being a 4 year old.  That isn't even the problem – I get that part.  It's how she handled the situation that left me bawling my eyes out.  Instead of just speaking to me about it, she chose to get the landlord involved before she ever said 1 word to me.  I feel that if she had a problem with me – the first or second time some incident bothered her, she could have walked her butt over to my door, knocked on it and said “Hey. I'm having this problem, can we fix it?”

But No. Cold ass, resentment wallowing (that's cancer in the works to hold onto resentment by the way – that is why I am blogging this rant – so I can release these feelings constructively ;) ) BEOTCH goes and tells the landlord that it is this extreme situation … when she has said not ONE word (and many opportunities she has had) to me about a problem.

So the landlord calls me and says that if this situation is not corrected, I'm out in 30 days. Out of nowhere. Gee, thanks.

This is NOT Aloha. This is Haole mentality and I pray it doens't overrun my sweet island paradise. I can't believe this neighbor is a teacher of school children! Scary – she doesn't even consider how her inability to communicate could jeapordize the well-being and stability of my child. Who is the sweetest, most loving child ever.

Now I have the work of forgiving this lost soul, this confused child of God. “Forgive them Father-Mother God, for they know not what they do.” I guess that makes sense. Breathe. Allow. Keep on shinin'