Day 1: Quantum Marketing E-class Re-do

Background Information & Introduction to Lemurian Girl's Experience with “Quantum Marketing” eclass 

In 2004 I purchased by credit card (meaning: with money I didn't have) Tom and Penelope Pauley's Quantum Marketing e-class…oh, I think I paid almost two grand.  Is that possible?  I didn't have the money, but I rationalized that the success I would enjoy from the class would quickly pay back the amount I charged and more.  Well, I'm still paying for it, so it's time to reap the benefits fully already. 

It is now late 2008, and like a lot of other classes I've taken in my life, I did not finish it.  Well, at least not in the 8 to 12 week time frame that was expected.  I did see some positive shifts come at that time in my life. 

However, once I got a few good things that I thought I wanted, I wandered away from the path and rested on my laurels a bit too long.  The magic changeover that I wanted was never able to complete itself.  Now, after doing things “my” (ego) way for the last 4 years, I'm ready to hunker down, buckle down, whatever you want to call it, and see if I can really create some lasting changes in my life by following and completing the course. Continue reading →