Wanting vs. Having

90-Day Freedom & Life Mastery by Release Technique: LG's Thought of the Day:   Thinking about a special boy crush this evening, ready to sit down and daydream when I am struck with the insight that daydreaming, at least the way I've been doing it, is a way of revelling in Wanting.  But it's just as easy for me to flip that from daydreaming to releasing – just as lovely, if not more satisfying, and revel in the feelings of Having.  Repetition, over and over.  So my goal now is to release 3 of my intentions or goals each day – not just record them in my little notebook, but to get to Zero (0) on Resistance, Fear and Wanting for each of them and then decide to just have what I would like to have from a peaceful place – a quiet mind.      “Why revel in the Wanting-ness, when I can revel in the Havingness”?


Wanting is separation from the All One Benign Loving Beingness.  Being separate from this One, it leads to misery, suffering.  But we've grown used to it to the point where it's so familiar, it feels safe.  In Harmony with this One who is omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, exists the possibility for every good and right picture to be 100% a real experience.


With this insight, my committment for practicing releasing daily is strengthened.

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Create Empowering Relationships – Tonight!

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