Ignore last post – I’m OVER Microwaves…

They toxify and mutilate the molecular structure of food…dead food…hmmmm….ahhh no thanks.  Tried it for months and it nearly killed me.  “Take your microwave apart (safely) and recycle the pieces” is my new mantra.  Microwave ovens are a health risk and should be avoided and discouraged.  Eat natural, Non-GMO, Organic, Biodynamic, anything but processed garbage!  Living foods are the answer.

I was hard pressed to find information in Google validating the fact that microwaves are totally sketchy, but I have enough first hand experience as well as anecdotal evidence to feel that I will not be running one in my house or place of work now or ever in the future.

Youtube did have some videos on the topic…here's one I thought was informative:

Yoga, Macrobiotics…and Shelling?

One day I'd like to experience a yoga retreat where the food served is of the highest macrobiotic quality.  And not just some lovely gourmet dishes and oh, they're macrobiotic.  The combination I'll be seeking will offer yoga for health and spiritual enlightenment, macrobiotics for cleansing and healing of my body. Continue reading →