Like a rolling stone…

The date of my last post? May 13th, 2009.  Wow 5 months ago…seems like a lifetime ago.  Ever hot on the trail of my mission to become Liberated – Moksha – Truly Free on all levels, I now find me and my son another 700 miles away from our last home location.

It has been a rocky ride for the little man.  He does not like setting up shop in one place, getting used to it and then all the sudden we are smack dab in he middle of a new scene, new challenges, no name, no face.  To him it's simple: Hawaii.  It's where we were both the happiest we've ever felt in our lives.

It's been a rocky ride for me as well, the act of keeping all the things I have going continuing through these transitions has been treacherous.  I'm happy to feel at last grounded.  Hawaii still beckons, but it is a quieter call. It knows we are where we are meant and destined to be right in this very moment.

I've been relentless in my pursuit, now I'm relentlessly not going to move again until it is the way the truly Gifted, Blessed and Intellegent folk of this planet net – easfully and gracefully.

It's not as ideal weather-wise where we are now.  Up until now it's been tropical, bright and sunny places.  Something totally different and new. Goddess Bless us on our path to total Fulfillment, Joy and Peace. I am only doing the best I can, see my earnest effort and bless me.

I'm starting a step by step, day by day action plan IM program (MOIS).  It'd be swell if this thing really worked out this time. Peace and Love y'all, til we speak again. Aloha~

Crafting a Waldorf Inspired Celebration for My 7-Year Old Wonder Boy

My sweet amazing son is going to be 7 years old on Monday.  Since we just relocated, birthday plans and expectations had to be adapted/adjusted.  Rather than a traditional birthday party with all the classmates and friends invited at least 2 weeks in advance, a theme like “dalmations” or “Diego” or “superheroes” and then a bunch of sugar stuff like cake and ice cream, the little man and me came up with a different idea: let's celebrate in some small way each day in the week leading up to the actual day of birth.  Continue reading →

July 4th, 2008 – Journal of Our Journey

Today is July 4th, 2008 and it's me and the little buddy housesitting today and tormorrow for our friends in Montecito.  Ah, we've got the house to ourselves…it's difficult to leave – we've been grubbing around all morning and it's been very relaxing…but I feel myself longing for some YOGA…and coffee!  So while Dante watches “Chip'n'Dale” on the 72″, I'm researching weekend yoga getaways.  And planning our schedule for today.

Here's what I've got:

Movie matinee“Wall-e” the robot – let you know how we liked it

S.B. Symphony plays at the Courthouse Sunken Gardens 5pm, 898-9386 – info courtesy of

Fireworks at 9 pm at the Pier/West Beach – to watch or not to watch, that is the question?  The SB News-Press notifies us that “Heal the Ocean” has issued a statement and had their attorney send the Mayor and the pyrotechnics company that is supplying the fireworks that setting the fireworks off over the ocean in fact violate the Clean Water Act.  Read the blurb from the News Press here.

Tomorrow, Dante wants to visit the Santa Barbara Zoo, so we'll get an early start on Saturday. 

Perhaps later we'll venture up to Sunburst and camp for the evening if they are cool with that.  Then I'll get my yoga/nature/community needs met for the weekend, surely! It's nice to get up early in the morning with plans and actually go ahead and carry them out.

Oh yeah, I started a new community on Ning called “Putt Putt Moms“.  It's a community for single or practically single mothers.  Check it out.  I'm going to make this experience of single mamahood work for me somehow, even if it is through laughter and poking fun at our sometimes unfortunate position in life.

Enjoy your day beautiful loves…Z ‘n' D