Return to the Mainland, a.k.a the “madland”

I did it.  I left Home (South Kona, Big Island of Hawaii – ) and returned to Babylon.  I need a job, to be blunt.  Bills need to get paid.  I have obligations and repsonsibilities of a financial nature.  Therefore, I need to get serious, quit partying for a few months and focus on my career. 

This transition has nearly wiped me out in some ways.  I have only done yoga about 4 times in the past 6 weeks.  My body is aching.  I've had very little quiet time for meditation/contemplation or reflection.  I moved over here specifically to live with my “sister” / girlfriend – we are both single mamas with boys – so that we could join forces and help each other to acheive our dreams by supporting one another. 

Big Bust!  I'm skipping the details so as not to recreate a gnarly scene…but long story short, she went mental on me.  I can now say I've had first hand experience with paranoid schizophrenia.  I recogzined it this time and instead of blaming myself, I saw it for what it was and said “C-ya and I wouldn't wanna be ya.”  I feel sorry for my sis – she is apparently possessed of an evil little demon spirit.  She's not happy and it's everyone else's fault (well right now it is specifically my fault). If Jesus were still alive I would bring her to him to be healed.

On the bright side, I got an awesome job working at a network hardware company as the SEM Coordinator in Santa Barbra, California.  I love my job!  Now I just need to find a sweet little home for the boy and me.  I'm looking for a sweet little Guest Cottage nestled in a supportive, green, shady and sunny garden upon a gorgeous estate property.  Affordable with kind landlords and neighbors.  A place I can call home long term.   

Next time I'll share my strategy and plan for finding housing in Santa Barbara, California.