How to Prepare Short-Grain Brown Rice – Ultra-Digestible & Delicious

Eating a macrobiotic diet, I consume a good amount of rice.  When I say rice, I do NOT mean the processed rice from a box (even if it's an “organic” brand), or even from those plastic bags of rice in the grocery store that look as if they've been imported from a third world country (no offense) and are about 1 million years old.

Nay, the rice to which I am referring is purchased from the bulk section of my local “health foods” or “natural foods” store.  I love the Golden Rose medium or short grain brown rice – it's delish.

If you prepare this rice in the way I'm about to describe, you will not only have a wholesome grain prepared for the adults and children in your group – babies at early eating age (6 or 7 months in most cases) can also enjoy rice prepared this way.  It's very digestible, smooth, creamy, and delicious! And oh yes, it's very simple!

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