Who is Lemurian Girl?

Exploring The Art of Authentic & Conscious Living

Lemurian Girl Returns is my answer to the call of my soul to make a commitment to the full unfoldment of my highest human potential. It is a return to my most natural state – where the perfect square of Health, Wealth, Love and Perfect Self-Expression is complete.

This site is my labor to do something I love – writing and connecting with others, teaching and learning – all as it relates to the vision of my highest self coming through. I seek full expression on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual planes of existence. Join me on this journey of conscious living!

Mission: Just Be True to One's Self & Go Free

I would like to share my passion for conscious living with you by sharing my experiences with The Release Technique, Non-Violent Communication & Positive Conflict Resolution (Marshall Rosenberg), Waldorf Education, living an eco-friendly, sustainable life, conscious parenting, Raw / macrobiotic / vegan diet, and an eclectic music and book collection.


Remember – “Live Simply so that You can Simply LIVE! (and others can too)”