Enhance Your Day w/ this Lovely Opera Playlist!

Hello friends,

I am inspired by the romance, beauty and emotional depth of opera music. The beauty and quality of the classics is as of yet unsurpassed. History and ancient times alike fascinate me. It's fuel for the imagination, do you agree?

An Opera Playlist for the Soul

I know it's been a while since you've heard from yours truly. And here I am popping back in like nothing ever happened to share my Opera playlist from my fledgling YouTube  channel with you. And if you'd like an update, read the rest of the page.

Can Opera Music Heal the Soul?

My theory says “yes” if your auditory perception has not been polluted by formulaic popular music…or you are just an old soul in a new(er) body who simply recognize pure beauty. Well, don't go on just go on staring at the page, click the opera playlist link above and have a listen! Close your eyes and let your soul soar!

opera playlist
Someday I would love to visit the Sydney Opera House

Beyond Sharing the Occasional Opera Playlist, What's Next for LG?

For those of you wondering about the future of Lemurian Girl Returns, it is my intention to start a new chapter … slowly but surely. As you can imagine – I have, like many of us, been through a ridiculous amount of “stuff” in the past few years. Putting it lightly, for now. I suppose some positive, happy-go-lucky people would euphemize the struggle (there I said it!) with some glitzy buzzword like – oh, it was (and is) an opportunity for “transformation”. Well, what if I had no desire to transform? What then, Universe? I used to be one of those positive people… and it worked just great. So why did I …and do I …have to transform?

To be perfectly honest, I feel like I liked myself better before… and I'll bet a lot of my former “friends” would probably agree – they liked the old me better too. I was one of those positive, upbeat people. Bordering on a free-spirited hippie… and dare I say it, gulp, a liberal (for all intents and purposes). Now I just want to smack people like that. Seriously. I'm being real. Sometimes I feel like I don't even know who “I” am anymore. By the same token, I have learned volumes… many topics and subjects… business, astrology, politics, parenting, self-realization, relationships, personal growth, work and career… “life”.

Time to Consciously Rebuild New Life from Ashes

Still fresh, these lessons though. While knowledge has most likely increased, I do not necessarily feel these experiences and exposure to fields of knowledge have fully settled into my soul as complete wisdom attained… yet anyway. Did I mention I was in graduate school? Yah, it ended 18 months ago, but I don't think I've fully recovered from the experience. That partially explains my crash and burn. The other explanation that resonated has to do with the divine timing of cosmic movements and their influence on a personal and planetary level (a.k.a astrology).

I learned, for example, my Rising (Ascendant) in the sign of the Scorpio is more characteristic of my personality and the way I interact and process the external world. I did always wonder why the “Leo” horoscope in the newspaper never seemed to really apply to my personality or life in the least – now I know why. Yes, my Sun is in the sign of Leo, but it is at a late degree (29°65′) in the 10th house, also known as being “on the cusp” of Virgo in the 11th house.  Most horoscopes are written as if the Sun sign is in the 1st house of the natal chart. Now you know why your horoscope might not feel relevant to your life – try reading for your rising sign instead.

Like a Phoenix…

Back to Scorpio… my, my, my, my. What can I say about Scorpio? Depth and complexity is only the beginning. Also Rebirth, Transformation, the Occult, the Taboo, and Sex (ugh, my prudish Venus in Virgo loathes to even type the word “sex” but it also demands I be complete)… anyway, all fall within the reign of Scorpio. Scorpio in it's lowest vibration is the scorpion, yes. She doesn't want to fight, but back her into a corner and she will sting the sh*t out of you. As the scorpion lives (and dies), she (or he) has the “opportunity” for ascension. There are at least three (some say 7) phases of this path… from the scorpion, to the eagle to the phoenix. If you have Scorpio in your chart or know a Scorpio you would like to understand better, you can read more about these phases here: http://scorpioland.org/phoenix-complex-surviving-scorpios-death-instinct/

Sorry to end abruptly, but I gotta run for now. Ttyl!

Happy Lei Day! The Special Meaning of Lei Day (May Day) in Hawaii…


Keitochan Says: The lei, known the world over, is a symbol of aloha. Great care is taken in the gathering of the materials to make a lei. After the materials are gathered, they are prepared and then fashioned into a lei. As this is done, the mana (or spirit) of the creator of the lei is sewn or woven into it. Therefore, when you give a lei, you are giving a part of you. Likewise, as you receive a lei, you are receiving a part of the creator of the lei.

Enjoy Hawaii in every way….


Chapter 4 – The Law of Non-Resistance

To Resist or to Let Go?

Read from Florence Scovel Shinn's The Game of Life & How to Play It

Aloha Dear Loves ~

Here is your next episode, Chapter 4 – The Law of Non-Resistance, from The Game of Life and How to Play It, as read by your cheerful host, LemurianGirl.

Before reading and listening to The Law of Non-Resistance, let's talk about what Resistance is. You know what it is instinctively… if you imagine yourself holding your arm out and a friend standing across from you holding her arm out pushing her hand against yours, you know that as long as you're about the same strength, it's a stalemate if you're both pushing against each other. That's resistance. If one of you stops resisting, the other falls forward, demonstrating the power of letting go, a.k.a. non-resistance.

Here are some other character traits of Resistance, to help you discriminate when your Mind / Ego starts toying with you. These were developed by Lester Levenson, of the Release Technique.

  1. Resistance is a major block to releasing.
  2. Effort is the Energy Required to Overcome Resistance (I suggest you find a powerful self-realization method to help you do this)
  3. The want to be Imperturbable, at Peace, In Beingness, Happiness with No Sorrow, allows us to overcome resistance.
  4. Resistance is opposition to force real or imagined.
  5. Wanting to control the other person, who you think is trying to control you, you can only experience their pushing you, you can only experience your own resistance.
  6. The “I can't” is resistance, it takes a conscious effort to overcome the unconscious effort (habit) of holding down the feelings.
  7. Resistance is just another program we have programmed to protect all the other programs that we programmed.
  8. If there were no resistance, one would become liberated. We are constantly having to release the resistance in order to let the feelings up and out.
  9. Resistance is when you haven't decided yet whether to do the thing or not, and you're doing it anyway, and it's difficult. To make it easy to do, all you need to do is decide to do it, or decide to not do it, and don't do it.
  10. Resistance is pushing against the world so it will push back.

LemurianGirl recommends you witness your self and notice the resistance, usually it is apparent as a clutching or contraction in your stomach or chest area in response to certain emotions or thoughts.

Please submit your comments about Resistance and Non-Resistance below, I appreciate all your shares!


LG xoxoxo




the power of the spoken word

The Power of the Word

Are words really all that powerful? Find out in this chapter, which I would love to rename “The Law of the Spoken Word.” Learn it and start watching your “idle words”.

Chapter 3 – The Power of the Word

The Game of Life and How to Play It Audio Recording by Lemurian Girl (includes commentary and modifications for gender equality) – Intro & Outro music from song “Permanent Holiday” by MikeLoveMusic.com – Mahalo, Mike!

the power of the spoken wordMoving into Chapter 3 of The Game of Life and How to Play It, Ms. Shinn continues to break it down to the basics of what she calls Spiritual Law. You've all heard something about the Law of Attraction by now, and some of you have even dabbled in conscious manifestation.

Sometimes it isn't easy to keep the magic up consistently though, because we get sucked into this drama or that drama in life. Or worse, we get to a point where creation becomes easy and then we stop being aligned with God/dess in everything we do.

“If one is willing to do a thing he is afraid to do, he does not have to do it.”

“The invisible forces are ever working to fulfill your requests”

“Let's talk about what we do want and not what we don't want.”

“The body may be renewed and transformed through the spoken word and clear vision, and disease be completely wiped out of the consciousness.”

“As the Within, So the Without”

“Bless them that Persecute You”

Feel free to rewind and re-listen to things more than once – there is a lot of truth here and the tempo of the Podcast may be going faster than your own inner process. All you need to do is Pause and Rewind it until it sinks in.

What I love about the message in this Chapter is that it brings each one of us back into control what we have dominion over – our own mind. What's stewing in there, and what are words are betraying a state of mind that perpetuates a feeling of dis-ease within … and in this chapter we learn the vibration of our words through our vocal chords travels into the outer world as well as the inner.

Thanks for your patience with my “Newbie-ness” in doing audio recordings. They'll keep improving!

Much Love Sweeties ~ and Let me know how it goes with understanding that “Life and Death are in the Tongue.” I think it was Jesus who said that.

As always, your comments are welcomed – am enjoying the conversation with each of you. *Hugs & Kisses*


Lemurian Girl

golden eggs law of prosperity

The Law of Prosperity

Is there really natural law that governs prosperity? Listen and put the knowledge into practice to find out.

Chapter 2 – The Law of Prosperity

The Game of Life and How to Play It Audio Recording by Lemurian Girl (includes commentary and modifications for gender equality)

Are you content to go through life as a victim, or helpless person, subject to every whim of the outside world? Or will you become as solid and grounded as a rock, able to design and build your life to your preference? Learn the law, follow it, and you shall prosper.

Here are some highlights from this chapter ~ but please listen and read it in it's completion.

Quotes from Chapter 2 ~ The Law of Prosperity

“She (or he, if you are a guy reading this) must have perfect faith in her (or his) own spoken word.”

“…words and thoughts are a tremendous vibratory force.”

“There is a Supply for Every Demand.”

“Act your Perfect Faith. Act as if You Have Already Received”

“If one asks for success and prepares for failure…” what do you think will happen?

Start with the end in mind. Dig your ditches. Be undisturbed by appearances.

One with God is a Majority.

Be on the alert for adverse thoughts that surge from the subconscious ~ the “Army of Aliens”, doubts, fears, worries. The reason it is darkest before dawn. Make your affirmations of truth repeatedly.

Hold on to your vision and give thanks that you have already received (even before you see it). But remember, it is much easier to demonstrate for someone else than for oneself because the friend is outside of the situation. Thus, we as comrades, can help one another to be successful in applying spiritual law when we are having difficulty staying steady in our vision ourselves.

Have you ever applied the Law of Prosperity in your life before? What were the results? I'd love to know, so please share!


Lemurian Girl

Check out Chapter 3 – The Power of the Word – Next Up!